How It Works

Anonymous IP: hide your online activity from malicious advertising malwares, spyware surveillance technologies and web crawlers by using Advanced privacy kit.

Secret Chats: hide any chat from the list so no private information of whom you connect and chat with won’t be exposed to any unwanted party

Locked Chats: lock any chat by password so no one would be able to open it, in case your phone suddenly got in wrong hands

Self-destructive Chats: send messages that will self-destruct in the specified time or set chats to self-destruct automatically

Private Profile: control if anyone can find you by your phone number, email or username. You can disappear from search results by setting the Private Profile option in app settings. If someone views your profile, you will be notified

Profile Matching: add your interests to your profile and we will find new interesting friends to you

Spam Protection: strangers cannot text you until you accept the chatting request